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Name & Title
I’m Bryan Abao and I’m a System and Network Administrator at MediaTrack.

When have you joined MT and what is your current role?
I joined MediaTrack way back December 2011 as an IT Plotter for 2 months and moved to being an IT Admin for 4months. As the company grew and expanded, I eventually became part of the technical team as a Network Administrator.

Describe your average day at Media Track?
An average day is always a learning day. We always take advantage of all the technical issues that we encounter to learn something new and share the knowledge to the team.

Education and Experience
After I graduated in my hometown, I got involved in charity and church-related web programming and multimedia productions to help out at our local church.  When I finally moved to Metro Manila in 2010, I had the opportunity to work in a brokerage firm as an IT administrator.  As it was a co-sharing space, I was exposed to different opportunities and network of people; and that was how I started off with MediaTrack. I became part of the pioneer plotting team in the Philippines and now moved to the technical/network team for almost 10 years already. Time really flies!

I know it’s been a good day when…?
I know it’s been a good day when we experience little to no technical issues from the start of processes until deliveries be it night or day. Being an Ultra-trail runner outside of work, I know it has been a good day if I am able to run the mountains and be on different summits with people that’s important to me. 

Name & Title
Camilla Sejr Larsen, Team Leader

When have you joined MT and what is your current role?
I joined Mediatrack in October 2014 as an analyst. After 3 years, I started working as team leader.

Describe your average day at Media Track?
My typical day is very diverse which is something I really appreciate. Our success criteria number one is to complete our daily tasks before the deadline. News flow and workload are different every day hence we need to work as a team. “Nobody is finished unless we are all finished.” This creates a dynamic and team-oriented workplace in which I thrive. Apart from doing analysis, my work also consists of implementing new customers, optimizing customer satisfaction, price setting and training new analysts.

I enjoy working with all our fantastic teams here in Mediatrack. Be it in Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines or Denmark we all contribute towards the common goal – customer satisfaction. I am so much looking forward to being able to physically meet again in our office as well as socializing after work hours when covid-19 allows us to do so.  

What inspired you to take the transfer to another country?
I have always loved meeting people with a different outlook and perspective than my own. Since the mid 90s I have always said yes when an opportunity to work outside Denmark arose which has brought me to London, Edinburgh, Ivory Coast, Thailand and now Singapore for the last 15 years. Being based in Singapore has also made it possible for me to go and experience this fascinating region of our world.

I know it’s been a good day when…?
We have delivered a great product within the deadline and all in the team have had a good laugh doing it.

Name & Title
I’m Cyril Cesar Estremera or “Cy” and I’m MediaTrack’s Chief Technical Officer.

When have you joined MT and what is your current role?
I joined MediaTrack in 2012 as the Head of IT. My responsibilities as Head of IT were similar to what I do now as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO), in that I ensure that the system of MediaTrack is stable and secure at all times.

Describe your average day at Media Track?
My average day at MediaTrack involves a lot of meetings and communicating with people. I speak with the Development Team about project/work priorities and updates on the progress of their respective tasks – what they have finished and what they are currently working on – so that I could assign new tasks or re-assign unfinished ones as needed. I meet regularly with the System and Network Team to maintain the normal operation of the whole system. I make it a point to include other departments in order to check in with them and see if there is anything I can facilitate in order to improve the system process. I also always allocate some of my time for exploring and researching new technologies to further improve the whole system process, including development and maintenance. And that is how my average day goes… Education and Experience I am a Computer Engineering graduate from the University of Sto. Tomas Legazpi. Before I graduated, I was already working as a part-time Computer and Network Technician and I was also a trainee Web Programmer in another company. When I finished college, I started working as a Software Engineer and a System and Network Administrator. I’ve been in the industry for 15 years, including the time spent working during my academic years.

I know it’s been a good day when…?
When my list of important tasks have been completed, that’s when I can say it’s been a good day.

What is your current role?
I joined Media Track as an analyst but is now working as a Business Development Manager, yet still partially assisting the analysis department. In general, I am proud of having the opportunity to be a significant player in contributing to the growth of Media Track.

Describe your average day at Media Track?
My average day is far from average or standardized. One of the things I like the most about working for Media Track is the diversity in projects and the flexibility to manage (almost) every project in collaboration with my team. Currently, I am working on many interesting projects covering everything from the development of marketing strategies, managing clients, identifying new opportunities, working on growth strategies, and the latest, the launch of our new product.

The key objective is to make sure that we deliver what is promised, to the right people, at the right time, which includes focusing on CRM, innovation, optimization and effectualization of current processes and delivering high-quality results. 

What inspired you to take the transfer to another country?
I came to Singapore because of my lust for adventures and a life-long dream of living abroad. The beginning of my journey was rough since I had to adapt to a new culture, climate and start a whole new life 12.000 kilometers away from home – and on top of that during a pandemic. This means that I started working for Media Track from the quarantine hotel (in Singapore you are required to service 14 days of quarantine when entering the country) receiving the onboarding introduction from Skype and working the first couple of months without being able to meet my new colleagues. Once I finally adapted to it, a new chapter began, where working from home most of the time and communicating via Google Meet turned into everyday life. However, being a Planner by heart, this experience has definitely taught me that not everything can be planned and that there is always a reason to chase your dreams – no matter how unreachable they might seem.

Education and experience
I have a Master of Science in Integrated Food Studies (daily speaking: Food Engineer), an academic course in Sales Marketing and Business Development from CPH Business, and a course in Management and Leadership.    

Before moving to Singapore, I worked as a Team Lead at Coop DK as well as Nordic Logistic Forum Member and Instructor representing Denmark among the Scandinavian countries.

I know it has been a good day when…?
Goals are reached, all clients are happy, and when I get to work from the office together with my colleagues, who are always a motivation. If I can finish the day accompanied by friends, at a restaurant with my partner or by playing a game of tennis, the day will be well-complete! 🙂

What is your current role?
I am in Business Development, I define it as a “hustling role” 😊 I belong to the team that “pays for everyone”- That’s what the boss says! More specifically, in my role, we create opportunities for that value to persist over the long term, to keep the floodgates open so that value can flow indefinitely.  Above all, I am also responsible for our marketing initiatives, campaigns, and strategies; speaking of which we are in the midst of launching new product offerings aside from our existing newspaper digitization product.

Describe your average day at Media Track?
Don’t exactly have an “average day” at work- we work pretty round-the-clock as we operate 24/7, we have calls with the clients at odd hours because of the time difference but typically- I like to spend my Monday mornings running through my priorities for the week as you know “the early bird gets the worm” and my Fridays thinking of goal settings for the following week, before each day ends, I will ensure my daily tasks are completed and that I have replied all my client’s questions and requests.  I am backed up behind a leader and a team who are passionate about what we do, as we are constantly evolving as a company, we work and play hard to secure the results and success we desire as a team.- As Aristotle quotes “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work” – …Nah we ain’t perfectionists but we try to perfect our system and ensure the smoothest delivery according to our client’s requirements.

Education and experience:
I am a biotechnology graduate and had a brief experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  I have been working in Media Advertising/publishing for 11years.  I developed a passion for sales when I discovered my enthusiasm beyond my desires, I love being around people and bond easily with the prospects, it excites me figuring out how I can understand their needs and what will make them say “yes” to whatever I am selling and it kept my interests going because each day brings a new challenge. 

I know it’s been a good day when…?
I feel accomplished when I make progress toward the small goals I have set towards my work. Most importantly when receiving positive reinforcement from my boss and colleagues absolutely drives my day.

What do you like most about the job?
In Media Track, we have the “work hard, Play Hard” mentality, and that is one of the things I love about us. Passion and commitment are important.  I am constantly surrounded by a team with a vast amount of industry knowledge who are always willing to spread that knowledge as much as possible.  Go Media Track!! 🙂

When have you joined MT and what is your current role?
I joined the company in 2012 as an Analyst. After about half a year, I started working with our print conversion, ie., the digitization of newspapers and magazines. Since then Media Track and the conversion business have grown tremendously and today, I am Mediatrack’s COO.

Describe your average day at Media Track?
There are not many average days in my job. Media Track is constantly evolving to improve production processes to deliver a better product, faster. At the same time, we are regularly adding new clients to our business. No clients are ever exactly the same, whether the reason is the print material we get from them or the type of product they want from us. When our clients trust us with the delivery of searchable print contents, we often have to adjust our delivery to fit the production system that they already have in place. The key challenge is to design the production process to both meet the client’s requirements and align smoothly with all our other processes for the smoothest possible operation. When we are not busy with the implementation of new clients, there are still processes to optimize and as well as the development of new products.

Education and Experience
I have a Master of Science in Biophysics from Copenhagen University, Denmark, and a Ph.D. in Biomechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

What do you like most about the job?
I think what caught me from the beginning was the mixture of the many technical details, the multinational feeling of working with newspapers in different languages and from all over the world, and the fact that the processing has to work like clockwork to ensure that we deliver everything on time. These aspects all speak to very different parts of me – I think that is quite unique to find in a job.

I know it’s been a good day when…?
Everything is delivered well on time or when a client tells us that they are very happy with what we deliver.

When did you joined MT?

Time flies and this is my fourth year with Media Track. My previous employer used to rent an office space at level 3 of our current lovely heritage shophouse at Petain Road.  There must be some affinity for me with this place, considering how I have ended up working in the same physical office for close to 7 years. I have had the honour of seeing how Media Track has evolved and grown through the years.

What is your current role?

I am the office manager of Media Track, which is probably self-explanatory of what my role entails. On the fun side I try my best to ensure our office has a cosy enough vibe to match its hipster exterior as well as at times be a “mother hen” to the team! 😊

What have you been up to during this Pandemic?

While 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, I am grateful for being able to continue in my current role without any disruptions during this period and still be able to partake in a little self-growth by pursuing a course in UI/UX design.  I have always been interested in designing and the pandemic provided one of the best opportunities as most of the classes were conducted online! (This is very important for busy working mothers like me!)

In addition, our team’s current 50% WFH and 50% work-from-office schedule, has allowed me to replace my commute time (during WFH days) to embark on a new health goal of exercising at least 3 times a week! WFH days also resulted in more precious time with the kids when they are back from school in the afternoons as well.  

While there have been many negatives to the current pandemic, I have found that it has been much easier to get through each day by choosing to focus on the little positives and pockets of happy moments we experience each day.  

What it the best thing about working at Media Track?

Media Track has a cosy office with awesome vibes, away from the CBD area, and there are plenty of hipster cafes around the area. 😊

But on a more serious note, my colleagues are some of the most wonderful people to work with. At the same time, my role as office manager provides me with the opportunity to learn various aspects of the business.

More importantly, Media Track’s work culture is family friendly which provides me an optimal work-life balance, with the occasional flexibility while managing my 4 kids who are at different life-stages. I am very appreciative of being able to grow with Media Track and being able to juggle the many other roles I have in life as a woman.

I know it has been a good day when…

I get to see an Eagle (my spirit animal) soaring high up in the sky : )

When was the last time you travelled?

Mine was a trip to Phuket in Thailand with my wife and two kids to spend time with my parents, who were holidaying from Denmark in March last year. Just before the world closed down. Just before empty streets, pictures from Bergamo, singing from balconies, zoom calls, and way too much wine delivery…..

It seems like a world away. So many things have changed the past year, and so many things have remained remarkably exactly as they have always been.

So, what has happened since Phuket?

First of all, I’ve had the chance to spend more time with my wife and two twin boys. We’ve done home-schooling and work from home. We’ve made home-made pizza’s together, we have recently moved to a new house, and we’ve missed our friends and family in Indonesia and Denmark tremendously. Recently I passed my “Dad-jokes” examen with the following distinction delivered by 7-year-old Oskar: “Far (dad) if you move away from home, I’ll miss you, but I won’t miss your jokes”. It’s been a good year, but we look forward to being able to go to Indo and Denmark!

And what has happened then at everything Media Tracking?

In short everything and nothing.

When the world closed down, the truth is that my first thought was whether our colleagues in the Philippines were ok. I knew that the business would be ok. We were well prepared – in fact we had been practicing this for years without knowing it, but it was difficult to follow what happened in the Philippines, and to assess what could go wrong there. When they closed down, would internet still be up? How about electricity? Those were some of my – admittedly doomsday – thoughts, but first of all I didn’t know how bad the COVID situation would be. Luckily, they managed to keep it under relative control. There were times where it was bad with run over hospitals, but most of the times, it went pretty ok. Our colleagues were safe.

Media Track has about 300 employees in Manila and Cebu in the south Philippines. Besides admin and HR staff, we have 3 departments: Media Team with some 10 people, IT development team with 12 people, some analysts and translators, and most of the rest are data encoders – staff that work in our cloud-based newspaper digitization solution, where they train the AI software to “read” the newspapers and do quality control on the same.

These data encoders – or plotters as we call them – has always been working from home. First of all, because we’re able to. Our software isn’t placed on an old server in an office, our software is placed in the cloud. It’s a more expensive solution, but it’s also a much safer solution – something I’m so thankful for that we chose to do today. The second reason for plotters to work from home is that traffic in particularly Manila is really very bad. Why do we need to force our staff to travel two times 2 hours to go to and from work every day, when they can in-fact just get out of bed, log on their computer, and they are able to do their work? Thirdly, by allowing staff to work from home, our staff-churn has been remarkably low throughout the years. And lastly, all of this has made it possible for staff that otherwise would have difficulties to have a job, to come and work for us. Most notably women. Young mothers, that are not able to first travel 4 hours a day and then do an 8hrs workday and still take care of their kids. Hence, the majority of our plotters are young mothers, who in this way is able to keep a connection to the labor market. Something I’m extremely proud of.

So, in other words, for them there wasn’t much of a change from a work perspective, when the world went into work-from-home mode. It was business as (un)usual.

When I say that nothing happened, then that’s a really good thing, when you are a company that is reliant on delivering printed newspapers to companies that needs it in a consistent and timely manner without any production interruptions. But when I say that everything happened, it has to do with how the company operated internally and how we as colleagues interact with each other.

We have become far, far better at looking after each other. Both, off course, making sure that those that contracted the decease were well, but also that everyone was safe and sound from a psychological perspective. Going through a pandemic, like the one we’re at the end of now, is something that will affect everyone psychologically, and it’s been key to me, to make sure that we all looked after each other as good as we can internally in the company. And that changed everything from a company perspective. We grew closer and we got to know each other much better. Something I am tremendously grateful for.

It’s a little early to reflect on the pandemic – we’re not out of the woods yet, but it looks like we’re nearly there. How did the pandemic change you?

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